United Acceptance Calling? | Sue and Get Up to $1,500 Per Call | 855-301-5100

If you’ve been hounded by calls from United Acceptance, it’s time to call Lemberg Law at 1-855-301-5100. We can stop the calls and may be able to recover up to $1,500 per call.

We’ve helped more than 10,000 clients recover more than $30 million. We can help you, too.

United Acceptance may be calling because a friend or family member with so-so credit listed you as a reference on their car loan application and then skipped one or more payments on their car loan. 

If United Acceptance is calling you, you should know your rights under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. You should call Lemberg Law right now at 1-855-301-5100. We’ll provide you with a free case evaluation, and our representation costs you nothing out of pocket.