Wise Law Advice from a truck wreck attorney KnoxvilleInformative Legal Advice by a truck wreck attorney Knoxville. 

At Bill Haas and Associates we represent people people who need help people who

have been hurt through no fault of their own and when there’s an injury there’s consequences pain suffering of course but economic consequences as well as medical bills wage loss and the bills and keep coming whether you’re able to work or not but Bill Haas and Associates we don’t represent insurance companies they’ve got enough help already look if you’ve been hurt in a car wreck are on the job or by a big truck it’s you against the big company or you against the insurance company claims rep or insurance adjuster you’re dealing with is probably work hundreds or even thousands of very similar cases they know your rights they know the law but they also know who they’re working for and they’re not working for you we can level the playing field as you see we’ve worked thousands of these cases to we know your rights we know the law and we’re on your side at the end of the day it’s about getting you fair compensation for your injuries and losses once you sign a release you are done don’t ever sign a release for your workers compensation claim your car wreck claim any personal injury claim until you know all of your rights give us a call the consultation is free and we’re ready to talk to you right now.

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You’ve heard it before: Time is money. If you’ve been injured in a car wreck, truck accident, or in another incident caused by someone else’s carelessness, you need an experienced personal injury attorney from Knoxville’s Bill Hotz & Associates working for you NOW. Call, email, text or chat with us, and by this time tomorrow, we will be working for you!

Why the urgency? Because we need to gather the evidence to prove your case, evidence like: 

• expert photographs of the scene, including skid marks before they fade

• expert photographs of vehicle damage before they are destroyed or repaired

• eyewitness accounts before they forget or can’t be reached

• black box event recordings from vehicles 

• injury documentation and photographs

Experienced Car Wreck Attorneys in Knoxville, TN

With time, evidence fades or is destroyed, so don’t delay! Call, chat, email or text us right now! The car wreck attorneys will explain your rights and begin working for you within 24 hours. Guaranteed! We will even come to your home, office or the hospital anywhere in the greater Knoxville, Tennessee area. There is no cost to contact us (consultations are free), so don’t wait! Remember: Time is money! Call the experienced car wreck, truck wreck, and personal injury lawyers at Bill Hotz and Associates today!

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