Landscape Professonals - What You Had to Know For Exactly what You Need to Do Garden DesignerA garden designer might have a official education and might not but is usually experienceded in horticulture. Garden designers also deals with site analysis, light availability, expense estimates and such however often do not deal with hardscape elements. These people are typically plants people. Their talent remains in utilizing their understanding to produce appealing planting beds with shrubs, ornamental trees, perennials, vines and groundcovers.


Some schools offer expert level courses in garden design, in which they teach; site analysis, client brief, strategy drawing, section and elevation illustration and color rendering. The following paragraphs are from the curriculum of one such university.


“Students will be able to survey a little website using running measurements and triangulation making note of website details such as the position of trees, structures, basic level modifications, and services, etc. They will be able to examine the data gathered on website and produce a scale illustration at 1/8 or 1/4 inch scale to precisely represent the website’s characteristics. Dealing with a basic client brief students will produce a sketch proposition based upon that brief.


Students will apply pattern analysis concepts which have actually been taught simultaneously throughout the course. The proposition will be drawn making use of pencil then technical pens, on architectural blanks using the title blocks to display appropriate details. Students will demonstrate an understanding of spatial ideas, design viewpoint and a sensible knowledge of landscape graphical symbols.


Students will produce section/elevation illustrations to assist show the project, both for specialist and client, as well as a display screen board to assist communicate their concepts.”.


A graduate of such a school would probably not call themselves a garden designer however a landscape designer. There are lots of garden designers who do not have this education.



Garden designers are generally dedicated garden enthusiasts and knowledgeable about plants, particularly perennials. They generally know the best plant providers in a offered area and can create and implement appealing gardens made up primarily of plants.



Typically, garden designers are not contractors and do not do hardscaping or take on significant website alterations. Before employing a garden designer, be sure the scope of the work you want done is within their abilities. Ask to see a profile and to speak to references.