Accident Lawyer Tips: Are Injury Claims Taxable?

When it concerns making a claim for physical bodily damage, lots of individuals commonly wonder if the award gotten undergoes taxation. There are numerous elements that identify whether or not the Internal Revenue Service has any best to these payouts. An individual injury attorney can work closely with the court to assist claimants get as much money without tax, however there are some exceptions.

Taxation of Personal Injury Claims

In many cases, money received from an accident claim is not taxable. This guideline applies to federal and state law, and it does not matter if the case was settled or if the money is the result of winning a lawsuit. Any money received from this type of situation is not counted as a taxpayer’s gross income, whether it is used for medical expenses, as a source for lost income, pain and suffering, or paying legal fees. Whether the claim is a result of being hurt or illness, the IRS will not typically have a right to tax any money received.