Herniated Disc Injury at Work?  Atlanta Employees Comp Attorney can help you

​Herniated Disc Injury at Work? Atlanta Workers Comp Attorney.  

Did you have a herniated disc injury while at work?

Medical costs too high and searching for money?

Perhaps you need a herniated disc work injury settlement.

Herniated Disc Injury at Work? |Atlanta Workers Compensation Lawyer


Georgia workers' compensation claims can get complicated and frequently leave an injured employee at the grace or the insurance coverage company who may not have the best interests of the worker in mind. That's why any individual who has actually been hurt on their task needs to speak with a lawyer.

Georgia workers' ompensation law requires an employer with three or more employees to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This means if you are injured while performing your job, you are entitled to medical care and if you can’t work, wage benefits. You can also receive payment if you have a permanent injury.

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Unfortunately, workers’ compensation benefits do not completely replace lost income. Medical treatment is provided by doctors picked by the insurance company. Many times injured workers need additional treatment that the insurance company won’t provide. Likewise, the lower wages received as workers compensation benefits can create extreme financial hardship. That’s why we work hard to make sure our client’s get the proper medical treatment and maximize their cash recovery.

Unlike other states, Georgia workers’ compensation law does not protect your job. In other words, you can be fired after being hurt on the job. This happens all the time. That’s why it’s important to notify your employer as soon as possible if you are hurt at work. Notice before you are let go is the best way to preserve your claim if you lose your job. When your claim has already been set up, even if you are fired, most of the time you will continue to get workers’ compensation benefits. If you have been hurt and are concerned about losing your job, contact us immediately.