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You can even hire Robert Gregg as your lawyer over the phone by credit card. If you hire Mr. Gregg, you will receive a contract with the information you need and an explanation of the services we provide. Contact us today to learn how we can help you protect your rights, save your license, save your record, and keep your costs at a minimum. We represent a large number of Spanish-speaking clients, and all of our paralegals speak Spanish.

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Traffic Citation Attorney Dallas TX

Dallas, Texas, Traffic Warrants Attorney
After receiving a traffic citation in the city of Dallas, you have twenty-one days to pay your ticket or appear in court to contest it. The amount of time you have varies by jurisdiction. If you do not appear in any way, a warrant will be issued for your arrest and your fine increases. The only way to dispose of this warrant is to post a cash bond for the fines owed. You also have the option of hiring an experienced traffic warrants defense attorney at a cost that could ultimately be lower than your fine.

At the Law Offices of Robert S. Gregg, we have represented more than twenty-five thousand traffic-ticket and warrant cases in the city of Dallas. A large percentage of our cases are dismissed and ninety-nine percent of the time we are able to keep our clients’ tickets off their record, although past results cannot guarantee future performance. If the jurisdiction that issued a warrant or ticket has contacted you, call us today. We will protect your rights.

Our fee includes posting bond and trial representation to get your ticket dismissed or off your record. Our firm represents clients who have received traffic warrants for unpaid tickets for:
• Driving without insurance
• Speeding
• Traffic ordinances
• Driving without a license
• Driving with a suspended license
• Expired registration or no registration
• Reckless driving
• Failure to appear

Any traffic violation can result in a warrant if you fail to comply with the timelines set out in law.

Dallas Traffic Citation Lawyer