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Valuations are needed for many events in the course of a business. A few key circumstances when business valuations are essential is:

• in the purchase or sale of a business,
• to establish value in assets of a divorce,
• to establish value for gifting stock in a closely held business, and/or
• to establish value for an estate.

Our team provides an objective business analysis that is effective in meeting your needs.

In a world of unprecedented business and market pressures, we recognize that our corporate clients are constantly challenged by having to respond to enhanced productivity, competitive positioning and operational excellence. Our individual clients are concerned about building wealth and preparing for their future. At CPA Consulting Group, we want to simultaneously help with your productivity and gain greater control over your cost structures.

Delivering financial expertise with effortless communication

A high personal comfort level with your accountant does matter. We take pride in providing top-notch accounting support services to help evolve your business combined with effortless communication skills to build a high comfort level with our clients. We strive to create an environment conducive to learning while serving as a single-point-of-support in helping our clients reach their goals. Blending the roles of accountant, advisor, success coach and advocate, we’ve built a track record for exceeding client expectations. We help you take a long look at what’s behind the numbers– the systems, processes and relationships that form your organization.

Business Valuation Nashville TN | Nashville Business Valuation
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